Smart Devices Are Critical Entry Point to IoT Ecosystem

As smart functionality makes its way into homes and businesses, two devices are gaining a foothold into broader ecosystems to maximize growth and revenue opportunities: smart speakers and smart meters. No longer simply intelligent appliances in the home, these devices are becoming

The Future of IIoT Predictive Maintenance

Introduction In April 2013, at the Hanover Messe conference in Germany, the guiding principles of Industrie 4.0 or Industry 4.0 were released. Over the past five years, Industry 4.0 has moved from German government policy to executive-level strategy across the globe. Today

The Varying Paths to ROI with the Industrial IoT

Scott Parish, IoT Channel Sales Manager – NORAM, Gemalto A 2017 study on the state of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) showed that while the IIoT might be one of the oldest subsets in the world of connected things, deployments by

Reaching the Remote Intelligent Edge

Many IoT devices take advantage of cloud computing to process and store the data they produce. However, many developers are discovering the benefits of doing more computing and analytics on the devices themselves. This helps reduce latency, lower dependence on the cloud,

$5 Billion to be Invested into the IoT Ecosystem

Last week Microsoft announced that it will commit $5 billion to its Internet of Things (IoT) programs. Over the next four years they will focus on IoT security, creating development tools and intelligent services, as well as edge networking. With a roughly

The Impact of the IoT on Energy Efficiency

This blog is part 3 from a five part series from IoT North America Speaker Cees Links that looks at the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on the following: Labor and jobs Privacy and security Energy efficiency Electrical motors Sports and health