Survey Reveals Challenges Enterprises Face in Supporting Growing Edge Workloads

By 2025, IDC predicts organizations will churn out 175 zetta-bytes of data. However, a new survey of more than 300 storage professionals by computational storage leader NGD Systems, Inc. found that bottlenecks and compute problems continue to plague IT pros as they struggle to support their

Applied Materials Enables Emerging Memories for the IoT and Cloud Computing

Applied Materials, Inc. has unveiled innovative, high-volume manufacturing solutions aimed at accelerating industry adoption of new memory technologies targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing. Today’s high-volume memory technologies including DRAM, SRAM and flash were invented decades ago and have

Telit’s ME310G1 and ME910G1 Modules Lay the Foundation for the 5G Massive IoT Revolution

Telit has announced the ME310G1 and ME910G1 modules, designed for mass-scale LTE-M and NB-IoT deployments that feature hundreds of thousands or millions of devices. Based on the new Qualcomm 9205 LTE modem and featuring optional 2G fallback, the modules also provide a

World’s First IoT Public Blockchain to Support ISO/IEC “six-domain model” Standards

Since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been flourishing vigorously. However, most current blockchain projects are still on the basic level of token issuance and exchange of virtual information – there are very few digital assets which have real value

ITTIA and TQ Group Partnership Integrates Embedded Database and Hardware Solution for Manufacturers of Devices

ITTIA, a leading provider of high performance database and connectivity products for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, today announced its partnership with the embedded specialist TQ Group to provide a total hardware and database software solution. Designed for scalability,

PodM2M Connects TAHMO IoT Weather Monitoring Systems to Remedy Hunger in Africa

PodM2M, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) specializing in global, mission critical connectivity solutions for the M2M/IoT market, is providing a IoT connectivity solution to the Tranrans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO), a socially driven network of 20,000 connected weather monitoring stations every 30